New Patients Welcome Through Telerehab

We are now offering our popular telerehab services to new patients!  However, it’s important to note not all injuries and/or clients are suitable for treatment over telerehab.  For this reason, once you email us at to book your appointment, one of our therapists will give you a call to gain a better understanding of your injury.  From there, your physio will determine the best way to approach a telerehab assessment.  Bear in mind we will not be able to assess everything through telerehab, since most physiotherapy testing needs to be done with hands-on techniques.  In some cases the assessment may be stopped if we determine it’s unsafe to continue.  However, for many patients we can do enough through telerehab to provide benefit for you and your injury until we can see you in person.

If you have a new injury through WorkSafeBC or ICBC, that’s okay too!  Both WorkSafe and ICBC have programs in place for telerehab that we can follow.

As mentioned, contact us at to set up an appointment!

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