Karin Boisclair-Joly

Massage Therapist Karin Boisclair-Joly

Karin delights in combining her knowledge of anatomy with the varied techniques of massage therapy to help create positive, specific change for her patients. A graduate of the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, Karin also has a Bachelor of Science (biology) from the University of Alberta. She has a deep love of learning and sharing her knowledge.  Karin is happy to answer your questions and looks forward to being part of your health journey.

Karin finds it a privilege to create therapeutic space for her diverse patients, identifying a specialized treatment plan and carefully choosing home-care to extend the benefits of the massage. An important part of massage therapy is working together so that patients can achieve their goals: it is important to feel good in one’s body and move in the ways one would like!

Karin loves being in her garden, eating great food, enthusiastically discussing books and movies, chasing birds with binoculars, identifying native plants and animals. She dabbles in quite a few things that she will never master but still pursues, like speaking French, baking bread, playing fiddle and painting. Karin parle français assez couramment.  She absolutely dotes on her family and is grateful to be part of a wonderful community.

Shockwave Therapy Now Available

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Linda, Retired RN

Krystie, I really appreciate all the care that you’ve given me and I’m truly grateful to have you as my physiotherapist. Thank you for everything that you do. read more


We have re-opened our clinic for patients as of May 19, 2020!

Our number one priority during this time is ensuring our patients, staff and therapists stay safe. To achieve this, we’ve spent considerable time reviewing all guidelines put forth by WorkSafeBC, the Provincial Health Officer, and our licensing Colleges. To meet these guidelines, we’ve made lots of changes to how our clinic looks, and how we do things. We admit there’ll be some hiccups. When we find a new procedure or policy that doesn’t work, we’ll change it to make it better. In these unprecedented times, we’re all learning as we go.

As our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, likes to say “We’re all in this together.” Just like our therapists and staff are changing how they work to keep you safe, we’re asking you, our patients, to change a few things too. Don’t worry, none of them are hard. We just ask for your diligence and understanding to help keep us and our families safe too.

We’ve compiled a list on our website of all the changes we’ve made to ensure our clinic remains as safe as possible. Once you click the “go to website” button, you’ll see a link on our homepage. Please take the time to review, and if you have any questions or need clarification, just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Thank you for your continued loyalty, understanding, and cooperation.

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